A short rant from a discouraged customer.

I am a long time subscriber - from the GTE days in California.

Have always had 2 accounts in my home - 1 for Work & 1 for Home.

Getting ready to retire - and am trying to 'Port' my Work number to my Home bill for simplicity, money saving & work related freinds. 

The Work number is no longer in contract.

1 week ago I started the process.

Last Friday morning Verizon turned off the Work number.

Today (Monday) Verizon turned off my Home number.

Soooooo - I have NO WORKING PHONES!

I have talked with at least 10 different representatives.

I am not kidding - I have the names of at least 8 of them.

The process is now in the dreaded "SHADOW CUE" and nobody at Verizon knows how to quickly solve this problem.

The expected wait time is 5 to 7 business days.

Am I expected to pay for phones that do not work?


I just had to vent - and pray that Frontier Communicatiuons has a better way of doing business. 

The ticket number is {edited for privacy}

Thank you.

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You will need to speak to Verizon directly, perhaps the billing dept. to see about any credit.