Abandoned Customer
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Dear Verizon Community,

It is with much sadness that I must post this...but apparently Verizon, successor to Bell Atlantic, successor to C&P Telephone has decided that the last landline customer on the block is not worth it and has opted to abandon me.  Living in a city, and a historic district, I recognize the issues with service here and that ancient twisted pairs start to corrode and short.  However after a week of no service, four tech visits (though one just sat in his truck for an hour and pretended to come) it is clear that the cost of fixing the problem (failing lines going to the panel that serves my block) is not worth it as I am the last landline customer on the block.  I have been abandoned.

Service tickets are opened and closed, I get phone messages to my cell (not with Verizon) letting me know the problem is fixed...salt into wounds.  I have been patient, I have tried being polite, I have gone to surpervisors when front line folks just want to keep thowing techs to my door (as if staying at home every day to meet them in the "before 7pm" window is a long term option).  All I want is for Verizon to own up that it has done a cost benefit of the work, hours, materials vs the continued bill paying from me and decided I am not worth it.  I want them to let me know that they are no longer willing or able to provide POTS line service to my home and in effect free me to seek it elsewhere. 

Instead, I am run around and forced to explain the issue again and again to less than competent folks on the phone and then have techs come out here see the issue and tell me they can't do anything, that a line has to be fixed or replaced in the manhole and that it might be weeks.  They also make it clear we won't get FIOS in our area...which is fine.  I get that Verizon is looking to the furture and moving away from its past of POTS lines, and that I am expendable to them.  That is okay...just tell me.