Accidental landline disconnection

Verizon out of the blue disconnected my phone service (landline) by what I am told is an accident. I've been dealing with this for 10 days now. It started as I couldn't receive calls but could call out, I chatted with tech support and they told me to reboot the ONT, I did and it did nothing. They said they exhausted everything on their end so they have to send a technician out to my house at a possible charge to me of $99. After doing more research on all my wiring I realized it was bigger than an issue at my home so I called Tech Support and asked to speak directly with a qualified tech. He was very knowledgeable and discovered my phone had a disconnect order but had no paperwork to support it. He said my phone was ported off. REALLY? I've been a customer 12+ years and suddenly my phone just out of the blue gets ported off? They said it would be fixed tonight by 7:55PM, it's nor 9PM so I called again and after 30 minutes the person I spoke to said CS has to do a reconnect on my line if my number is available. Wait, you shut me off and then my number might no longer be available? She told me to call customer service tomorrow after 8:30am to remind them I have a ticket. I know it may sound like a joke but I assure you this is not funny in any way shape or manner. Who do I contact to get a serious credit for my time and pain? I am so angry!

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Hi zukdj69,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Messenger inbox for a message from a Verizon support agent. You can find your inbox by clicking on the envelope icon that appears at the top right corner of this page. Response times may vary and may be delayed at this time. Please continue to check your Inbox for a reply from a Verizon agent. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.