Annoying Telemarketers

So, I called Verizon Customer Care seeing that I just got this phone turned on 3 days ago.  I've been receiving numerous phone calls from a telemarketer all day/everyday since the phone was activated.  Today since 9am and it's not 5pm they've called 27 times.  


I called to have the issue resolved with Customer Care they informed me they can add call block to my line for $10.  I advised them that I'm a disabled vet and I'm on a limited income and cannot afford that.  They then proceeded to tell me that they can change my phone number for $22???  How or why would they charge me to change my number when I only had it for 3 days, only gave the VA my number in case my doctors need to reach me, but yet it's my fault that I'm getting phone calls from the same number 27 times?


I googled {edited for privacy}and it's coming up as My Spam Bot.  So apparently it's spam.  I told the lady that I will NOT be charged $22 for something that was just activated less than 3 days ago.  I didn't give the number out so therefore Verizon should show good faith and change the number as a courtesy.  She advised me that isn't the way Verizon does things.  So I advised her that I have 30 days from the time that I activated my service


I'm at wits end, I need the phone due to my heath, but I don't need this drama that comes along with it.  Can somebody help me with this, what should I do?  I can turn off my ringers but if the VA calls I'll miss the important phone call that I so desperately need.  Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks!  MSG Doc (US Army)

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