Any Service Problems with Verizon FIOS/Internet?

On Thanksgiving, my Verizon home landline stopped working (no dial tone).  A repair order was placed - with a December 10th repair date.  So for approximately three (3) weeks, I'll be without my landline and missing calls for that period of time.  This is totally mindbogging.

Currently, I have Comcast Digital TV and internet.  Verizon FIOS and internet are not available in my area - at least for now.  Once Verizon FIOS/internet are available I need to make a choice between Comcast or Verizon.

Does anyone have problems with Verizon's response time for repairing Verizon FIOS/Internet?  If people are experiencing the same repair waiting period as the landline service then my decision will be to stay with Comcast.  Thanks.