Avoiding loss of Copper/POTS
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Looking at FiOS to replace current kluge of COXTV/Verizon phone and DSL here in Virginia Beach. Digtal phone is cheapest option in a triple play scenario.  Looked at leaving standard service in a double play; price including non-digital phone service goes up by $50 and they insist they will still bring the service in on the fiber and disable the copper.  I can see two options:  shift phone service to Cavalier, another phone provider; or put phone/DSL service in wife's name.

Any other options?

Don't consider reasons for POTS over digital relevant.



Re: Avoiding loss of Copper/POTS
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Before my recent FiOS install I had a long-standing Verizon POTS line for fax and alarm.  I simply insisted that this line be maintained or no deal, and that's what happened.  My old Vonage VoIP was ported to FiOS and they added FiOS TV and Internet to complete the Triple Play.  Stand your ground, mate.