Awful residential phone service

I moved from CT to MA on June 24, 2013.  Before moving I had AT&T for almost 13 years, my phone always worked, even during bad storms and power outages.  

I've been using Verizon residential phone and internet for a little more than two months.  My phone line has ceased to work for days at a time three times since then.  Technicians come, say it's all fixed, and sometimes it's "all fixed" for less than 24 hours.  My DSL service is even worse.  I've ended up getting comcast, just so I can have access to the internet.  I have to call and have my phone forwarded to my emergency cell each time the phone service quits, and my cellphone company charges me for each call.  Verizon then sends me a bill for more than $80 per month.

I am tired of this.  Tired of having no phone and internet in spite of paying for it, tired of being put on hold for 20-30 minutes at a time just to talk to a representative, tired of Verizon.  I am waiting for a tech to come on Monday, if my issues are not fixed then I will change phone service, and tell everyone I know to avoid Verizon and their extremely poor service.

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I'll do ya one better than that. I placed a service call last week and the representative told me it would be Saturday before anyone could get out to repair it.

Saturday comes, no sign of anyone. I go to the website to check service order status, the website shows no service order.

I call 1 800 VERIZON, again. I told that they show no record of the call or the service order despite the fact that the DO show a record of the home phone number being transferred to my cell.  The woman I'm talking to is confused because she CLAIMS that the "system is supposed to keep track of all of the 1-800-Verizon calls." She issues another service ticket and tells me that if will most likely be Wednesday before anyone can get here despite the fact that I have told her that I'm Epileptic and my wife is diabetic and VA and the FCC slapped a rule and resulting penalties on the them before because their service wait time in this area exceeded 10 days back when the were installing FIOS, here.

By law, they now have 4 days to repair the equipment in the state of VA.  Two days if there's an existing medical condition.

They just tried to call the "technician" a moment ago and dialed my number which rang my cell phone...

The person who took the second attempt at a service order just called back and claims that they have a repairman lined up for today.

...and I even pay the extra monthly fee for inside repairs so I don't have to argue with them, anymore, about whether the problem is inside or outside the house.