Battery Backup

A few days  ago my ONT backup battery quit and I had to replace it. At the bottom of the instruction sheet, as part of the copyright blurb, it says in fine print: "Battery backup for standard fiber-based voice service & E911 (but not VOIP) for up to 8 hours." I have Verizon digital voice, which I understand is VoIP. If so, does the battery backup actually do anything? My router is attached to the battery backup I have for my computers. So, if my router is still functioning because of my personal battery backup, will my phone service and Internet service continue until either my personal battery backup or my ONT battery backup quits? If not, what is the purpose of the ONT battery backup with Verizon digital voice?

Re: Battery Backup

Ah that is a good point. I don’t use Verizon home or digital phone. But....

i have two VoIP services connected directly to my APC Power Reserves as well as my ont and router. I have never lost internet or VoIP service.

Now I have a power reserve from Fios on the power cabling from the ONT and I have it disabled. Could not see that being on with my APC power reserve units.

but that was a great question. Did you call 1-800-VERIZON to inquire?