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My fios box in my closet was beeping and indicated that I needed to replace my battery.  I bought a new battery and when I went to disconnect the wires from the old battery encountered some resistance when trying to disconnect the positive lead.  (The negative lead came off easily).  The positive (red) lead has a red plastic piece and I am concerned that if i pull too hard it will break the plastic.  Is there a trick to getting this off - or should I risk pulling hard?


Re: Battery backup connection
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We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing a problem. We do care about our customers and we would like the opportunity to resolve any issues that you may be experiencing.  I have sent you a PM.  Thanks Tonyad

Re: Battery backup connection

Yes, I've had to put a little OOMPH! into it when I disconnected mine.  If it breaks then Verizon Can fix or replace it.    Here is an interesting read, and interesting solution though.     This guy took his battery to a battery retailer, and just like a car battery, they can test the battery at the store.  They tested this man’s battery and gave him a diagnosis of “the battery was in excellent condition and should last me another few years at least”

So, the moral of the story is that it's possible that you don't have to replace the battery.   

The key paragraph comes here.

The solution to determine if the battery truly needs replacing (if you don’t want to remove it and have it tested as Batteries Plus would do) is to unplug the battery backup device from the electrical outlet it is plugged into, disconnect one of the wires going to one of the terminals (I chose the negative black connection) and leave it unplugged for ten minutes or so. Then reconnect the internal wire to the terminal and plug the device back into the electrical outlet. Chances are you will get a green light showing the System Status to be ok and no red light showing at all.

If the above situation does not resolve the issue, then the you would have to purchase the battery (if you are OUTSIDE OF 1YEAR) by going to a local retailer (radio shack roughly $35 dollars) or online retailer ( has these batteries as little as $12 dollars plus shipping)


The entire article can be read here.

Remember if you have Verizon Expert Care service, they cover it for free, or under the 1 year manufacturer warranty, then Verizon will send you a new one for free.  If you're outside of the 1st year, then you'll want to explore one of the above options.