Beware of cramming (unauthorized phone charges)
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A while ago my parents had to move from their house due to failing health.  I changed their phone service to Economy Message Rate (less than $6 a month but about $17 after taxes and fees)  so there would be a dial tone for the security system and forwarded all calls to a cell phone while we got them settled in a new place and got their house ready to rent.  Because it took so much time to care for my parents, I had the phone and other bills paid automatically on a credit card and I paid the credit card each month without paying much attention to the charges.  

After we rented their house and transferred service to the new occupant, they were still getting Verizon bills for the old phone number on their credit card.  I looked into it and found that they had been charged between $5 and $100 every month since they moved out for all kinds of phone, cable and internet features even though they never had cable or internet at their house.  Since the bills were paid by the credit card company, we called them to investigate.  They removed several months of charges immediately and assigned someone to look at all the bills after my parents moved from the house.  The Verizon representative insisted the charges had been authorized by e-mail, text messages or calls but since they are disabled to the point of being  incapable of using a computer or phone without assistance, it was an obvious lie.  

I told the new tenant (she kept the old number)  to check her bill for fake charges.  She  had about $50 in charges the first month and $15 the second month and was having a hard time finding someone to talk to at Verizon to about removing the charges.

Check your bills monthly to make sure you're not being crammed with fake charges. 

Here's a link about it.

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We understand your frustration regarding this issue, and we'd like to take a closer look with you.  I've sent you a private message so that we may get started.  Please respond when you have a chance. ~Ian