Billing Issue

I am not able to post under my open support ticket, so once again I need to start a new thread to resolve the same issue...

Verizon told me my billing was going to be corrected back to the date I started having the errors on my bill (That were caused by Verizon). Now Verizon is telling me they will not do retro-active billing activity and will not make good on their promise. I have a few simple requests for customer service at this point...

1) Honor the promises you make. If you tell the customers you are going to make good on an error you caused, do it. I have been going back and forth since April about my bill and still have not had it resolved.

2) Fix my bill. I have printed out the forums where Verizon promised me my bill would be fixed and the forum where they decided to change their mind. If this is not fixed by the time my next bill comes through, I will fax everything over to the CEO's office (yes, I have the phone and fax of his office) and start hounding him until it is corrected.

Between the last two support cases I have opened up, I believe the customer support team has all the account information they need to correct this. I will not be submitting more information everytime I need to re-open an issue.

If Verizon is not willing to honor their end of the bargain, then I have lost all credibility in this company and will take my residential and wireless business elsewhere.

Re: Billing Issue
Khoros Partner
Khoros Partner

Please follow the instructions given in the second post of your original thread to access your private support case, as they are waiting a response from you.  Failure to respond will result in your private support case being closed out.