Blindsided by Verizon FIOS Digital Voice 411 charges


411 for any blind person is essentia!.

charging $2 per call to those who are blind is an unconcionable and devious nigh onto robbery act.

I've been a GTE/Verizon tele customer for decades. Initially with a copper line, and now with FIOS Triple play incl'd Digital Voice.

I asked during a very lengthy debate regarding the pros and cons of upgrading to DV what would change, if anything. I strongly underlined the fact I am blind at that time. I was told nothing would change save for the fact I would then have to add in the area code prefix to the dialed ph num when an outgoing  call was made. Bummer. But OK, I get a 100 # speed dial feature.

Apparently the integrity of or the training level of Verizon Sales staff is hugely suspect. THERE IS ANOTHER CHANGE... NOW, EACH AND EVERY 411 CALL WILL COST $1.99 + TAX!!!!

Being BLIND using 411 is enevitable. GTE/Verizon thru a special needs gbased facility had to my personal knowledge provided (likely mandated or required to by the gov't.)  FREE 411 CALLING for those like me... well since the mid 90s anyhow. Though a specific course of applications and letters was required for this accomodation... much like the process for a disabled parking permit process. Dr. note, etc.

Switching to DV as I was instructed to do during this last contract discussion not one word was said as to the $2 per 411 call. Nothing!

Are verizon staff simply stupid? How can something of that nature be so casually overlooked?

411 for any blind person is necessary, at least for local calls, if not entirely.!.

only during a discussion once more with a supervisor was I informed I had been billed for EACH & EVERY 411 call @ $2 per, since the "cost savings" upgrade to the new Triple Play w/DV was made over a year ago!!!

Scandalous. Ridiculous. But then Verizon has not been a totally up front utility now has it? Florida assessed an $11 million penalty for Verizon's inappropriate billing practices a few years ago on their Cellular services arm.

Apparently, in Verizon's opinion, they conduct business in a "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN" sort of arrangement.

even their current billing process says you will be billed for a Set top Box return, UNTIL they have it back in their wherever wharehouse... not when it's mailed back date or dropped off at a local Phone Mart outlet, as they instruct.

I dropped off a STB July 16, 2013 at a Phone mart nearby. Got a receipt & deactivation code print out. Aug 7, 2013 I was told they wouldn't credit me prior to the Aug 6 2013 date it was received into their wharehouse... not the actual date it was  returned.

business &* billing practices such as these evaccuates any sense of good faith which both parties MUST aspire to, and is central to any leagal agreement or contract for services.

Verizon repeatedly ignores the good faith aspect and regularly punishes it's client base financially to suit their own needs/desires.

unscrupulous conduct such as this is deplorable and should not go without penalty. Ethics as shown by Verizon are non essential and they flaunt it in the face of the State, the Country, and their subvscribers routinely..  such actions exceed and nullify the boundaries of usual consumer propriety. The ordinary reference of 'Caveat Emptor"  or BUYER BEWARE is a prerequisite IF one wishes to, or is entertaining the idea of contracting business with Verizon. Not only must the buyer beware at time of purchase, but each billing cycle thereafter!!

If I must watch a company I am in bed with each and every month to surveil their billing, exactly what does that say about Verizon?  the old adage "the bill is computer generated" sours in the mouth and falls without weight on the ears, as Verizon itself programs those computers. Consequently Verizon has BUILT in exteranneous facilities for acquiring either temporal or permanent revenue streams with it's deplorable operating and billing regimen.

...and when Verizon goes to the lengths of stealing from the disabled, or worse still, the blind, it's shameful... it's plain crookedness... thieivery...  and defies ethical forthwrightness.