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There is an automated phishing call orifinating out of Tacoma WA calling from number {edited for privacy}....phony "survey" that is calling at all odd hours of the day and night. From what I read on the Web, thousands of people are getting these calls from that number, despite being on the National No Call List. Until the FCC gets off their fat duffs and shut this **bleep** down who's running this scam, is there any way we can block that number on our Verizon residential land line? If not, then say bye-bye to my Verizon account.

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verizon has several privacy features

Privacy and Security

Anonymous Call Block

Call Block

Call Intercept

Call Trace

Do Not Disturb

Selective Call Blocking

You will probably need to take advantage of call intercept/anonymous call block and standard call block.

Most features, as you click on those links and put your zip, do not work 100% of the time.  there are some caveats to how they work, and when you click the links - read carefully the description. 

If those combinations of features don't work for you, then you might want to go on amazon and buy a caller id manager,  they are reasonably inexpensive, but should block all calls where the phone company can't garuntee that from my experience

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Wish blocking them would do any good, they will just change their number and continue to harrass us.  On my cell phone I have over 30 numbers saved into contacts and then assigned no ring, because blocking the numbers didn't work they just moved to another one.

I seemed to stop the calls to our home phone, I turned on the Fax Auto Answer on our AIO Printer and it didn't take many fax squeals to stop the calls........for now.

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Like many others are being constantly harassed by telemarketers especially health insurance company and scam artists calling from numbers that arent in service

As soo you block them they just call from a different number

One number I blocked but yet they keep calling me from that number

Dont leave messages

Changing phone numbers to a unlisted one is not an option right now as I am unemployed and looking for a job so I cant afford to miss job opportunities because of these **bleep**

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