Blocking calls by AREA CODE only?
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I've been a Fios user for over 10 years now and just renewed for another 2 years. I REALLY wanted to ditch the landline, but this was not possible with the promo package. Only reason why I wanted to ditch the phone is because 96-97% of the calls I get are from "Unknowns" and area codes from various states. My phone block list is completely filled and now so is my list on the Verizon Fios acct (100 blocked numbers!) The "NomoRobo" acct. I added doesn't seem to do a darn thing, so I find that useless

So my question is, is there some way of performing a mass block by area code alone? If not, will you come up with his feature in the future? Perhaps a feature where ONLY those in your personal list (family members, friends, work, etc) - set up on the Verizon acct here can only get through - the rest are blocked. Just received a called from "Chicago, IL" on my ID at 8:42am, I don't know anyone in Chicago so again I ignored it as usual...voice mail was some recoded message - "lower your interest rates...blah blah"

I cannot tell you how incredibly frustrating this has been...and contiunes to be! I know millions of others are so incredibly sick of these callers.


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Bump  The spam from the 443 aread code is out of control