Blocking unwanted callers

I am being bothered by unsolicited calls related to credit accounts.  I have no credit issues and want to stop these calls.  I am supposed to be on the DO NOT CALL lists for my home and cell phones.  Can you tell me how to stop these calls?

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>>Can you tell me how to stop these calls?

If you find out, can you tell the rest of us how you did it?

Sorry...I just couldn't resist because this is an ongoing complaint here and while Verizon does offer an option to block calls--I think you need to have Digital Voice service--you can only block 10 numbers but, you apparently can't block an entire area code, so on the whole, it's pretty useless.

Your alternatives are:

1. Answer each call and tell the caller to add your phone number to their "do not call" database--the national Do Not Call database is useless.

2. Learn to just ignore the calls--my approach so far...'-}}

3. Buy a call blocker. They are a bit pricey at just under $100 but from reading the reviews, people are happy with them. Here's one that has a good rep--url might wrap: