Bogus charges
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Why am I suddenly being charged $2.99 for National Directory Assistance?  I didn't make any such calls, they do not appear anywhere on my call logs, and Verizon can't provide dates or times when these calls were allegedly made.  I want the charges removed immediately and discontinued from future invoices.

I see that other customers have been complaining about similar phantom charges.  Doesn't Big Red get enough of our money already?  Looks to me like Verizon is just padding the bills of its longtime customers.  That's bad business. 

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This is just a guess. Verizon maybe adding it to customers invoices like a “use as much as you like feature” if not it’s another creative way to take your money. Most VoIP services give free directory assistance. You might want to use a service like MagicJack or voipo just as a suggestion.

if in doubt call your states Public Utilities Commission or Public Service Commission via a google search. They regulate Verizon and other Utilities.

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Hi qdemon,

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