Call Block List Doesn't Work

I have received numerous telemarketing calls recently, even though my line is registered on the Federal DNC list (seemingly useless).  More troublesome, I am receiving calls from numbers that are currently on my Verizon Call Block list - it doesn't appear to do anything.  I have at least 3 numbers that are on my block list that I have received calls from over the past 2 weeks.  When I attempted to add those numbers to my Call Block list, the Verion system informed me that they were already present.  I checked, and sure enough - I had added them the previous month.  This tells me that the Call Block process is not functional.  Has anyone else encountered this?  Any way to get someone to look into it?

Thanks for your time...

Re: Call Block List Doesn't Work
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I keep seeing incoming calls in my call logs from numbers that are in my list of blocked numbers, so I ran a test. I blocked my cell phone number. Then I called my landline from my cell phone to see what would happen. My landline did not ring. I got a voice message on my cell phone saying (falsely) that the number I had reached was not accepting calls at this time. I then signed in and checked my call logs. Sure enough, the call from my blocked cell phone was there listed as an incoming call.

Looks to me like at least in my case they are blocking calls from the blocked numbers but listing blocked calls as incoming calls. They need a seperate category for blocked calls.

Re: Call Block List Doesn't Work
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I have the exact same issue. Multiple numbers on my call blocked list keep calling. When I want to block them I am informed that they are already on my call block list. Verizon Fios call block list does not wotk.