Call Forwarding Is Screwy and Support is Ridiculous
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I have Call Forwarding set up per a schedule.  However, sometimes when I am not away I turn it off via the web page where I initially set it up.

Nevertheless,  even though I turn it off after an hour or 2 it turns itself back on.   I turn it off via the web page call features (and btw I do watch to get the confirmation it is off),  but it comes on again by itself.

Lately,  it is has also taken to turning on OUTSIDE of the schedule I set up.  In other words even though I set uf CF between 9am and 5PM Mon-Fri for some reason it randomly is turning on at night after 5pm.

Then of course when I went to the FIOS page for help/support I got to a general "contacts" page.  I clicked phone support and it requested my zip code in a small window.  I enter that and all it does is take me back to the "contacts" page - BUT no number to call.  Geeez  what a way to run a service.

How do I fix this?   And when will Verizon fix their support page???????????

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I am sorry to hear about the difficulties with the call forwarding. Have you tried any of the star codes to enable/disable the call forwarding at all?

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This is an older thread, but I ran into this issue too. When I would try to create a repeating forwarding schedule, the web page would never confirm anything, and sometimes I would get an error message, so I repeated the entry many times. The result was that my call forwarding would turn on at different times, even after I cancelled it during the day. 

At some point I clicked on the Calendar menu and found that I had several overlapping call forwarding schedules. I was able to delete them by accessing the menu (clicking) on each repeating schedule. It had some glitches but eventually I delete them all.

I think the Verizon page now has a link to the Calendar from the Call Forwarding scheduler to make this more clear, but it can be confusing.