Call Log/History for customers without digital service?

I have looked all over Verizon's website, my bill, etc., and the information is not there.  I have submitted an email requesting my call log/history for September with a response that I will not be able to view that information.  I have called Verizon atleast three times requesting the information, and they inevitably send me to another department which is either closed, doesn't know the answer, or cannot help me.  I had one customer service representative tell me that the only way I can see my call log/history is with a court order.

This matter is very important and will probably be a legal matter, so a court order won't necessarily be difficult, but I find it ridiculous that I can't access this information anywhere or that customer support can't mail or email the information to me.

It seems all of Verizon Support is inept and can't help with a simple request and instead plays games of passing me around to other departments.  I don't know how this will end, but if I suffer damages because of their incompetence with my information, I will seek legal advise in that regard.

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