Call Screening Feature Available or How To?
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Looking to see if Verizon has a feature similar to what a relative of mine has in Colorado, not sure the company there.  When you call their number there is a question/screening message that states they do not want to get unwanted messages from solicitors, etc.  If you are a solicitor, please add to the "Do not dial list" otherwise press "1" or wait.  I think this helps to screen many autodialing systems and forces people to answer the question to get through which people you don't want to call will normally never do.  Now it does kinda stink for people who call you who are family and friends, but if they know to hit #1 I think you get through fairly easily anyway.  We do not use our landline for anything other than emergencies, but sometimes need to get a message from somebody who has the number and needs to get to us through a landline (maybe don't know our cell phone numbers ...).  The problem is the voicemailbox gets so full of jumk that we rarely listen to the messages and miss calls we need to hear.  If we know that solicitors are not leaving messages the mailbox should get MUCH less full and we would be more inclined to listen to each message more rapidly.

So, does Verizon have anything similar?  We don't know all the numbers that could come in to create a list of people allowed to call so that won't help.


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