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How do I stop home phone alerts from coming to my email address?

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UPDATE:  If you have this problem, call 888-483-5156.  It's a BUG that Verizon introduced over the weekend.  If you have CallAssistant, you should NEVER receive messages, let alone ones from last month.  The fiosadmin messages were an earlier feature or for people without callassistant.  All this according to "Mike" at Verizon.

He told me it should be fixed (for me) in 24 hrs.  No "You can Bank on Me", but he sounded like he knew what he was talking about.


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Same with me.  Started around 12 Dec, but I'm getting OLD emails from November, all from  It's filling up my inbox every morning with notifications of calls from last month.  I get the other emails from, which are all correct, i.e. one/call and none from last month.

I will call 5156 number at 10 today, but wanted to share my chat yesterday with Kallol.

Warning: Do not operate heavy machinery while reading...

Kallol(15:04:38): Thank you for all the information Sir.
Kallol(15:04:38): My sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.
Kallol(15:05:28): Now that you have reached us,you can be rest assured!

Kallol(15:06:04): Mr.XXX,you can enable/disable/manage this feature online by checking the website


Kallol(15:07:25): Once you disable the feature,you will not have any issues.
Kallol(15:07:31): Trust me, you will never have to contact us again for the same reason.

NOT TRUE!!!!  I have contacted Verizon 3 times since then.

Kallol(15:08:55): This is an auto enabled feature initially.
Kallol(15:09:06): You can check and then uncheck the box.
Kallol(15:09:11): This will save the option.
Kallol(15:09:22): And then you will not receive further emails

NOT TRUE!!!  Luckily there are no 3 strikes rule in customer service Kallol.

Kallol(15:10:15): I can certainly understand your concern Mr.XXX.
Kallol(15:10:31): I am explaining you the reason for the issue.
Kallol(15:10:51): What I mean to say is that you will have to check the options and save them for the first time.
Kallol(15:11:12): Once they are saved,it will be applicable from then onwards.
Kallol(15:11:33): And you were getting the older emails due to the fact that they were auto enabled.

NOT TRUE!!!  You did not understand!!!

Kallol(15:12:42): As I mentioned earlier,this is designed in such a way so that they give you the complete track of the calls that you made
Kallol(15:13:02): If not all of them,atleast the maximum of them.
Kallol(15:13:32): Once you change the options as per your convenience,you will not receive further notifications.
Kallol(15:13:43): You can bank on me Mr.XXX!
Kallol(15:13:48): We value You, as a Verizon customer and do not want to cause you further inconvenience.

NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!

You can "bank on me"?  Who teaches them this stuff?

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Did this just start happening to you for the first time as well??

I have FiOS phone service (not Digial Voice), and today I've noticed my Droid has gone INSANE with new emails from advising me of new incoming calls to my home phone. 

I have Call Assistant installed & activated, but I've never set this up (I also went in to check the settings and the email alerts are disabled, I've never set them up in the past).


This started happening to me a couple days ago.  I get an email from for EVERY call to my landline, not just voicemails.  And what's more annoying, many of the emails are from calls I got DAYS ago.  I want it to stop but don't know how.


Same here, just started last night.  I called and the tech guy knew nothing about it.  Sent me to another dept where I sat on hold 41 minutes and then got cut off.   My settings show no email alerts for calls but something is wrong on their end.


I was told that is not a user configurable setting, so you can't disable it.  you have to call VCA 888-483-5156  and they will send a ticket off for you.  they told me it takes close to a week to disable but they are aware of the issue, and are hoping it will be fixed faster,  it left me with the impression that they didn't know who was affected, so you may have to call to have it disabled.