Caller ID and Other FIOS phone problems

We recently left Comcast  after 11 years as our our Triple play Service Provider (ie. Internet,TV and Phone) because of their current "lousy" customer service and tech support .....and had FIOS TV,Internet and Phone installed Two weeks ago.

We have now been waiting since last Friday (Nov.18th, 2011) to have our Caller ID and Verizon phone website Logs features enabled.

We have been thru multiple LiveChats, Customer Service phone calls and even had these issues brought now to the attention of your "escalation team" in your tech support dept..

But, 96 hours later now (4 days..) we have not heard a "peep" from your Verizon tech support or customer Service....not a phone call, an email an update....nothing.

Not a way to inspire confidence to "NEW" customers.....we are brand new customers (2 weeks) and we are already being "Ignored"......We would appreciate the same enthusiasm from your Tech Customer support teams resolving our FIOS phone issues that we received from your Sales team, in signing us up.


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You should be able to access your calling features from the FiOS Digital Voice Account Manager site at  You'll need to login with the primary username and password in order to access the features.  If you have any trouble please check the PM I sent you and fill out our form so we can verify your account info and help you out with whatever you need.