Caller ID for FiOS TV not displaying

I have this reoccurring problem with the caller ID not displaying on my TVs in the house. With Verizon on the phone I have reset both DVRs, also had the Router replaced. They have checked settings on their nauseum...It will come up after resetting the DVRs and last for a few days then it quits. Both sets act and fail in the same manner.

At one time it was working then a major update was done which placed that annoying Promotions screen up every time you turned on your equipment. Right at that time my caller ID quit working. Did the reset DVR procedure and it would work for a couple of days then QUIT. After three calls to support, I was sent a replacement router which finally fixed the issue.

Then about a month later my internet quit  working (orange light on router) reset router, no help but then about an hour later internet started working but, guess CALLER ID QUIT WORKING, but it works after resetting DVRs for a couple of days and then fails...

I really depend on this feature and am getting so aggravated with this issue that I am almost ready to have this equipment removed from my home. Calling support is usually greeted with We'll just replace your DVR.....Not likely to be the issue as it affects both of them at the same time.

Anybody else have the same reoccurring issue?

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Your caller ID function is likely using IP and Listener 2   on the STP and not the more reliable UDP with Listener 1.  Get Verizon to check this and change it as it is probably the issue.