Caller ID technical support issue

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I'd like to know if anybody could assist me with a Caller ID technical support issue I'm having with Verizon. 

Please be advised, first of all, that I am NOT a Verizon user. The problem I'm having is that whenever I make an outgoing call to any Verizon user, the Verizon user's caller ID shows "UNKNOWN NAME" and then my number. 

Until this past Friday, July 19th, I never had a problem like this. No matter who I called, all users always saw my full name along with my phone number, regardless of what provider they had. Suddenly, on Friday, everybody started seeing just my number with no name. I immediately called my carrier (T-Mobile) and notified their support team of the problem. They were very helpful, and by Saturday afternoon, my name began to appear normally again on the Caller ID systems of everyone I call. That is, everyone except those who have Verizon.

When I noticed that all non-Verizon users were seeing my name, and that Verizon users weren't, I called T-Mobile support again. I was told, understandably, that T-Mobile made the change on their end, and that's why my name was showing on most users' ends, but they had no control over the fact that some carriers might not have updated their database properly to show the change. The technician told me that in order for the change to take place on Verizon users' caller ID systems, Verizon has to update their database, and how frequently they choose to do that is their choice. This made sense to me. The technician advised me to call Verizon and see if they could assist me.

I called Verizon three times yesterday, and was told three different stories by the agents who answered. One agent told me that he would "clear" the line, and that by 4:00 p.m. today, the matter would be resolved and Verizon users would see my name again. The second agent told me that it "was simply a problem I'd have to deal with", and apologized, but said he couldn't do anything to help. The third agent told me that she could make the change herself if T-Mobile published my number in a printed directory (which was the most ridiculous answer of all). It seems to me that all the Verizon technicians are giving me run-around because I'm not a customer of theirs (which I do understand).

I would greatly appreciate it if somebody could assist me at how to request that Verizon update their caller ID database. I will gladly provide my phone number and my name to any support staff member. I am a business owner and run my business from that phone, and many of my customers have Verizon and are screening my calls and not answering because they are not seeing my name on their caller ID. It is causing me to lose business for the fourth weekday now.  

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