Caller id

More often than most my caller ID will display an incoming call, When I call the displayed number back, 9 times out of ten,

the number is no longer in service. Why does that happen, those people to afraid to Identified.?

And not having to do with the phone but the Verizon in home agent does not run when installed???

Re: Caller id
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The design of the CallerID system pre-dates Internet based phone calls (VoIP).  When a call is place from an Internet phone, it can insert any CallerID it wants.  Mainstream consumer VoIP providers don't allow this, but  commercial providers, do it your selfers, and some unscrupulous providers make it easy.  You're most likely getting junk calls that are sending bad CallerID on purpose.

The act of putting a fake number into CallerID is called "spoofing," and there is nothing that can be done about it with the way the current phone system is designed.