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I am confused by the symbology on your website.  The page indicates that I am eleigible for Anonymous Call Rejection and Caller ID (Anomyous Call Block Not Included), but the icons are grayed out, and it appears that I cannot have these features installed.  Also your website indicates that I am eligible for Call Forwarding and Call Forwarding - Busy/Don't Answer.  Can you tell me how to get one of these features installed?

My number is {edited for privacy}

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Call customer service.

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The best route to follow is to call the 800-Verizon phone number and ask the person to add the services you want.  The menu will have an option for something such as "add new services", so choose that.

Keep in mind that Verizon has packages that, for one set price, will give you a few services together.  That is less than buying the services individually.

Verizon's profit margin on these services is immense, from my estimation.  The last time I checked, Caller ID, if bought alone, was $11.27 a month!  

I'm going to let you in on a SECRET about Verizon, though.  Even if you don't subscribe to Caller ID, the number from any incoming call is still transmitted to Verizon, and then they simply don't send it to you!  So, someone may call you from the 808 area code and that phone call, with its number, travels 6,872 miles to your house and Verizon got the caller ID information with the call, but simply doesn't transmit it if you don't subscribe.

It's as if you and I had a phone call and I charged you $5 extra for my saying the word "Redemption" into the phone.  Does it cost me any money to say that word? No. Does it cost me money to think up the word?  No.  In the same way, Verizon HAS the caller ID information and could simply send it down the phone wire with your call, but chooses not to.  It costs them nothing extra.  They just want the $11 a month as PURE profit.