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The only calling feature I have enabled is "Incoming Call Block". Every other feature is listed as "OFF". Yet over the past week, I have had two instances when I'm speaking to someone and I get a beep tone. When I look at my display, it shows what I believe to be a notification of another call/caller ID being placed to my number. I simply ignore it and it stops after one appearance. Has anyone here had a similar experience and if so, is there a way to stop it from happening? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting - FiOS Digital VoiceThe FiOS® Digital Voice Call Waiting feature notifies you when someone is calling you while you are on another call. A special tone sounds to alert you that a second caller is trying to reach you. You can answer the second call by briefly pressing the phone's receiver. You can switch between callers as often as you like. Each conversation is private and cannot be heard by the other caller. 

Cancel Call Waiting cancels or deactivates Call Waiting before placing a call or sending a fax.
Picking Up the Second Call
    1. You will hear a Call Waiting tone during a call. 
      The person calling you will hear a normal ring until you answer. 

    1. Inform your first caller that you have another call.

    1. Press and then release your phone's receiver, Flash, or Recall button to put the first caller on hold. 
      You are automatically connected to the second caller.

If you hang up when you hear the Call Waiting tone, your phone will ring.

You can ignore the second call if you do not want to be interrupted. One reminder tone will signal you ten seconds later.

If the first caller hangs up, you will be automatically connected to the second caller within two seconds.
Returning to the First Call From the Second Call
    1. Press and then release your phone's receiver, Flash, or Recall button to put the second caller on hold. You are automatically connected to the first caller.

  1. Repeat step 1 to alternate between the two calls.
Cancel or Deactivate Call Waiting
    1. Lift your telephone's receiver and listen for the dial tone. 

    1. Press *70 to temporarily cancel Call Waiting for a single call.

    1. Listen for three tones followed by a normal dial tone.

  1. Dial the number you want to call.

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I don't think its a feature you can disable.  If your phone service includes call waiting, what you describe is what happens.