Can i get a list of numbers calling my landline?

Is there someway online or through the mail that i can get a list of numbers calling me? I am on the donotcall and i am constantly getting callers that hang up on me. I am assuming they are telemarketers illegally contacting me and i need some sort of proof from verizon that thats whats going on here.

How can i see a paper trail of numbers that are calling me?

Marty Kelly 

Re: Can i get a list of numbers calling my landline?

If Verizon Call Assistant (VCA) is available in your area you can sign up for that. It is free. You can download the PC client and it will actually give you a pop-up a second or two before your phone rings, and will provide a list of callers on your PC (but the list is not very printable). VCA also has a website that you can log into and you will see a list of calls there, and that web page can be printed to give you a list.

Here is a link to the VCA site:

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