Can't Get Troubleshooter Webpage to Update Repair Status

My phone in Fairhaven, MA 02719 doesn't work.   I get strange error 12, switch 121 response when I call via my cellphone.   I tried to call 1800Verizon and the automated system just said something along the line of "Expected repair date 11PM on Tuesday"  (day after tomorrow),.

I tried to go online and get more info on status, but the Verizon troubleshooter just hangs forever when trying to retrieve records.   I'm using this web address:

Is that the right spot to check on repair status?

Does anybody know if this is a general outage problem or just my one phone line?   I went to various parts of the Verizon website for outage info, but they all seemed to be for FIOS, not the plain old copper telephone landline that I have.