Can't get a Phone Line Installed
Anyone who has ever worked in telecom knows that a fax line is simple to put in but apparently it is the most difficult thing for Verizon to accomplish. Have spent last two week trying to get a fax line (a simple secondary phone line used w/ fax machine) put in. They have confirmed to be there for install three time and failed to do so each time. When I call to check why each time it seems they have lost my ticket or it’s in a mysterious pending state. It’s amazing when the agent is informing me that they didn’t come because they couldn’t get your order to installation. How is that my problem? You are an organization…you promised a customer a time…pick up the phone and resolve this internally! Horribly poor service. After escalating to management, they finally get everything straighten out it seemed and they confirmed yet again they will be there on Thursday between 8-5pm..i still have their voicemail…and they didn’t show. I called to check why they didn’t arrive, and they yet again stated there is no ticket!!! When they finally found the ticket – they said the back office rejected the install due procedural issue and no one bothered to inform the customer…There solution – “would you like to open a new ticket for this issue” SERIUOSLY!!!???