Cannot Activate Ultra call Forwarding
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I am trying to activate my Ultra Call Forwarding. I have received a letter and robo-call with instructions on how to activate this feature.  I am attempting to follow the instructions. I call 1-888-383-8080. I am told to enter my 11-digit telephone number, which I do. My letter with update instructions tells me to use the last four digits of my home phone number as my sign-in PIN. I do, and am told that I have entered an incorrect number. After rejecting my PIN 4 times, I am told to contact my business office. I can find no way of contacting my business office. I have contacted Support several times, and they know nothing about Ultra Forward service. All they can do is give me the *73 and *74 codes from my home phone location. I did find one person through Chat who has heard of Ultra Forward, but all they could do is read to me from the letter I received. They have no other solution.  They insist it works and that I must be doing something wrong. They then told me to wait a few days and it will probably correct itself. I have waited a few days. I still cannot activate Ultra Forwarding. What can I do?

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