Cannot send faxes with new FIOS installation

Hi All,

Just got the FIOS triple play installed 2 weeks ago.  Yesterday I tried sending a fax for the first time since the install was done.  The fax failed indicating transmission errors.  Tried all variations on the fax settings (HP C7280) -- still no luck.  This fax machine never had a problem with my previous service provider Ca***vision.  To eliminate my house wiring, I connected the fax to the phone line in the basement that's comes directly out of the ONT.  Still had errors.  Called tech support -- they informed me that I needed a "virtual number" for a fax machine to work properly and wanted an extra $10/mo for it.  Having worked for several "Ma Bell" spinoffs, I knew tech support was selling me a load of crap.  As long as you have a phone line that provides dialtone, you should be able to connect a fax machine with no problem.

Has anyone else on this forum had problems getting their fax machine to work with FIOS?


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You are correct. As long as you are hooking up the fax machine to a phone jack that has dialtone it should work. If you are getting a dialtone that makes clear calls and still cant make faxes, we would need to lookg further into this. Please let me ask if you have tried another fax machine in the house? This will easily rule out any problems regarding the machine itself.

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I have a dedicated fax line which worked fine on my old verizon plan, when we went with fios the tech checked to see if the line was working which it was. Tried to send a fax today the first page went thru an then the line froze and i got a message saying poor line condition.So what is the solution

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Should work fine on fios, a lot of people that use verizon, also use faxes. 

Here are some settings that might help you, so go into your fax machine and do some of these things. 

• Slow down the transmission speed. Set the BAUD rate of the fax machine to 9600 bps or even lower (7200 bps would be the next lower setting).
• Turn off or disable ECM (error correction mode),a setting, usually defaulted on, that many fax machines have.
Test faxing by using the HP Test Fax Service:
• You can use the following number to test your fax and get a response fax sent right back to you. Send a one page blank fax to 1-888-473-2963 (1-888-hpfaxme). After receipt of your fax, the test fax will generate a return back to you with acknowledgement that your fax was received. You should receive this fax within 5 minutes.

Now these say VOIP but I Found that they work well for any situation like you described.    So give it a shot 

  1. Settings to fax over VoIP for Canon fax machines.
  2. Try these settings to for VoIP for Panasonic fax machines.
  3. When faxing over VoIP with a Brother Fax machine make these settings changes.

Hello Everyone,

I am waiting for Verizon's techinician to come here on Modnay to have a look, but no clue how this will work out.

But any thoughts or ideas would be greatlhy appreciated.  Here is the situation:

I have had FIOS triple play installed for a year and a half, now. I three FIOS phone lines, one of which I use

as a dedicated, fax machine-only line.    Everything has been working perfectly, until this past Monday.  Suddenly,

I could not fax out to people, I could not receive faxes.  The machine will ring, answer, and initially connect to the

fax machine on the other end.   The handshake starts, but the carrier tone (I listened to it, myself), does not quite

sound right or pure.  In the end, the machine disconnects and I get a COMM ERROR display from the fax machine. This is what happens whether i am sending outbound, or receiving an inbound fax.

At first, I thought the fax machine might have failed. So I pulled out my back-up fax machine, and hooked that in. But the result was the exactly the same, COMM ERROR.  The next think I did was was unplug all phone handsets throughout the house, regardless of which of our three lines they might have been hooked up to. Still the same result, COMM ERROR.  Finally, I tried connecting each of my two fax machines one at a time (primary and backup) to each one of our three FIOS-based phone lines. And the result was still the same, COMM ERROR.

I am beginning to suspect these other symptons are related to the fax comm problems.

a) Noticed then when I call into an automated assistant on a voice (and this includes even the Verizon automated assistant at their tech support number), that the automated assistant randomly cannot always recognize my touch tone selections ("sorry, I still cannot understand you").  that seems to come and go.  But I can be on the phone, pick and touch (for example) option 4, and the system cannot hear or recognize that I touched Option 4.

I have also noticed that my internet browsing seems to have randomly slowed down, and it is paritcularly noticable when I need to download, say a software upgrade or a driver package-slower than my old DSL service.   My email

also now shows random but frequent server connection problems (get the "cannot connect to server" window).  It clears up at some point and I get the messages. But it seem to be happening almost all the time.

So I am suspecting that something has gone wrong either with my connection to the network, or the FIOS hardware installed at my house.   Any insight anyone can help me with, so that I can get the TECH focused on the rightr issues when he comes, will be greatly appreciated. I have been down this road before with other issues, where the tech comes and does not get the problem fixed.  And I just want to avoid wasting more time. Thanks.

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I had a similar problem trying to use my Samsung scx-4729fw fax machine with my new Verizon Fios digital voice service (My fax worked fine with my previous Vonage fax line, however my Vonage line was a dedicated fax line). When I connected my fax machine to the same line as my phone, neither the phone nor the fax would work. It would give me a dial tone for a few moments, then a busy signal. The problem was solved by adding a Gigaware single line DSL filter that I picked up at Radioshack.

Of note, the manual of my fax machine recommended adding a "micro-filter" to the fax line, that's why I tried the DSL filter.  

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Me too & my alarms paging function is caput as well, been working with them on the issue for like a year now.