Carrier access code needed to call our cell phones

I am unable to call our cell phones on our Verizon land line.  We keep getting a Verizon intercept message stating we need a carrier access code and advising to call the business office.  I called our Verizon business office and they referred me to their repair serive.  The repair service advised that it was not their problem and advised they would refer the issue to the central office---whatever that is.  This happened about 10 days ago and still no reponse from their "central office".

   I am able to dial our Verizon phone from our cell phone.  This has been going off and on for about 6 months and still not resolved.



Re: Carrier access code needed to call our cell phones
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Hi, I am sorry you are having issues with reaching your cell phones. Please PM me your home phone # and the numbers and carriers of the phones you can not reach and I will see what I can do to help.

Peter C