Chat and Forum links through "Contact Us" on Verizon website not working
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The Chat and Forum links through "Contact Us" on the Verizon website are not working. The URL address for where these online features are located is as follows--

Also, does anyone know the email address to contact Verizon Customer Service?

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Hi jimmo,

Please be aware that this a forum where users help other users. If you wish to speak with a Verizon representative about your issue, then please visit the Contact Verizon Support page and select the most-pertinent options. You will then be provided with chat and/or phone options.

If the "chat now" link is not working, please clear your browser cookies and cache and then try again, or try using a different browser. If you still have trouble getting through to support after that, then please reply here with a description of the issue that you are attempting to contact support to discuss Thanks!