Checking Voice Mail

How do I check voicemails? Somehow if my home phone is busy, anyone calling in gets a vm message stating to leave a message? I've not gotten several calls this way and was wondering if i could check the messages? I never enabled the VM function so I am not sure why it takes messages whenever my home line is busy.

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Verizon VM is turned on for all phone customers. You probably have your home answering machine set to pick up the calls before the Verizon VM can. Sales and Billing can put through an order to turn this feature off if you don't want it. To listen to the VM messages, dial your home telephone number from your home. When it asks for your password, put in the last 4 digits of your home phone number (some areas use the 7 digit telephone number).

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Falchion, we use our home answering machine as our primary answering service but if we are on the phone and don't want to take call waiting then the caller can leave a message on the VZ voice mail.  This way regardless of the status of the phone, in use or not the caller will always get an answering machine.  Plus calls left on VZ Voicemail can send you either an email and/or text to inform you a message was left.  This is real convienent.