Complaint about serv ice
I have no idea of how or where to register a complaint with Verizon that will be taken seriously. I have tried to speak with supervisors or managers just to be put on hold for 90 minutes before I finally hung up. I started to have problems with my dial tone on 12/11/13.My husband tested the box aoutside and found there to be no dial tone at the box, so we knew it was not a problem in our house. I called and they did something to turn it back on remotely. I worked for a few hours and then disappeared again. I called back on 12/12 and repeated the same thing with the same results. Called on 12/13 and make an appointment for 12/16. A technicion showed up on the 16th and told my husband that one of the two phone lines was bad. My husband said that he tested it with his meter and it was fine but okay and that if the problem persisted, we would know that the line was not a problem. 45 minutes after he left the dial tone went out again. I called as soon as I noticed and they tried to get the technicion to return to my house and was told they could not reach them. I made an appointment for 12/17. On 12/17 no one showed up for our appointment. No one called to rescheule or say they were not going to be able to make it. I called and made another appointment for the next day. On the 18th my husband waited home and once again no one showed up or called. Made a fourth appointment for 12/19 and yes, once again, no technicion, no phone call. Surprisingly, I had a dial tone so I thought that perhaps they fixed a bigger problem in our area and it was fixed. It worked for the next 6 days and on Christmas day, no dial tone. Called and made an appointment for 1/2/14. Guess what? NO TECHNICION, NO PHONE CALL, NO TEXT. NOTHING!!!! I called and called and called on 1/2 until I got someone who really seemed like he would help me. His name was John (I think) and he promised me that someone would be there on 1/4/14. I actually believed him this time. And finally, a technicion showed up and could not find anything wrong. He had the home office turn back on our dial tone. My husband tried to tell him that it would only work for a short time. The technicion gave my husband his personal cell phone number and said to call him if it went out again. My husband had to call him in less than an hour. He came back a few hours later and replaced the box on the outside of the house and it has been fine since then. I would like an explaination as to how I could have been stood up for 4 appointments in a row. It is a major inconvenience to have someone stay home waiting for someone who did not show up. This is the worst customer service that I have ever experienced. You should be ashamed of yourself VERIZON. What this entire experience taught me is that I can live without a home phone. My cell phone worked fine for me. The only reason that I need a home phone seems to be for my TIVO service. Someone told me that there is a way to hook up TIVO to the internet instead of the phone so as soon as I figure it out, bye bye land line and VERIZON.