Constant Calls From Unavailable!

I am receiving calls from unavailable .. constantly!

As I write this the same call has come 4 times.

It happens at least 15 to 20 times daily!

I have nomorobo through Verizon FIOS but I can't add 'unavailable' to the block list.

The phone usually rings 3 times and then you hear the sound that usually comes with an early hangup.

(My phone answers on the 5th ring)

I've tried the block all unavailable/private option BUT Verizon keeps saying that they couldn't process my request at this time, please try again later!

(That has been going on for a week now)

There is no way to see what number is calling and it seems that nothing can be done?

Just received the call 2 more times!!

Am I the only one that this is happening to?

Thank You. 

Re: Constant Calls From Unavailable!
Community Leader
Community Leader

Unavailable is a busy caller.Smiley Very Happy

No your not the only one to see this.  Some are legimate callers and some of them are the lowest kind of crooks.   Not sure why the Verizon options isn't working at the moment.  I believe you can restrict such calls with nomorobo.  Note some legitimate callers may be lost.