Constant telemarketers withn new number

We just signed up for Verizon and the phone number we got is the issue. We get so many telemarketers and others with this number. All I can think of the previous owner of the phone number signed up using this number to everything under the sun maybe even on purpose.  About 5 to 8 calls a day we are getting.. If there is only a 100 limit for call blocking well that is not going to last long at all.  Don't they wait anymore before giving you a number? Meaning before issuing a new phone number to a new customer that that phone number has been out of service for awhile?  Really this is just awful. Is there any solution since my family has been given this number already?

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Re: Constant telemarketers withn new number
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Since you just signed up with Verizon, the question is  -  do you have digital voice service?  i.e.  can you do call forwarding?  If so, go to the free sevice at and sign up.  You will probably have an immediate reduction, because some of those numbers have already been registered.  Those that haven't, you can regester and make them go away.

Remember, this is a forum of verizon users, not an answer board for verizon.  We're all just doing the best we can, as fellow sufferers.