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I moved to a new address last summer and asked for my home phone number to be moved to a new address. The verizon representative told me that my account would have to be restarted for the new address since the old home phone number is not transferable.

The old home phone number was turned off, the DSL was turned off and I follow all of the instruction given to me to turn off my DirectTV service since it was all in one package. I asked for a new home phone number for the new address and I asked for the entry level phone service without long distance. I was told that the entry level package was the Freedom Essential that I had on the old home phone number at the old address.


I called verizon today to ask about a long distance charge that is on my bill. I was being charged for a long distance service. I found out today that there were lower phone service plans that I could have signed up for. I requested that my plan to be dropped to a lower plan.


I can not believe that all of the phone service plans were not presented to me in the beginning. Why would a middle tier phone service plan be presented as the entry level plan? My criteria was very simple, I needed a phone line for my home security system and to receive calls, nothing else. I have been paying for a service that I did not need for months.


There is no consistancy with what presented/said to a customer from sales to support. My call was escalated graciously to a supervisor. Then it went bad very quickly with the supervisor reciting the process on how a phone number is moved over and over again as a response to my every question. It became clear the supervisor had no intention in hearing me out, show any understanding, or finding a solution/compromise for an existing costumer complaining about being misled. The repetition of the move process and bringing up other topics that were unrelated to the issue was infuriating.


Early on in the conversation I asked why would a company give an existing customer any reason to think about a different service provider, only to have it throw back in my face as the supervisor's last statement, "You did mention looking for another phone service".


This is the worst customer experience I have ever had with any company.



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I was an internet only customer and I asked to add a phone line. The total bill came out to $135 which is $40 more than the cost of the "triple play" package. Just adding TV saved me a lot of money. Did they mention this to me? NO... I had to find out for myself.

All of the reps are poorly trained

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You were being charged for a long distance service since last summer and just noticied it now?  Mary