Customer Service Flubs up and Useless
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Where do I start with this.  I called customer service a few nights ago and asked them about my ETF fees because I hate my phone that bad.  I then started discussing with them, t-mobiles ETF payment deal.  The customer service rep stated that since I had been a customer for so long, she would help me get an early upgrade since it's my phone I hate.  (used to love verizon service).  Since I didn't know which phone I wanted, she told me to hop online, take a look and call back so that is what I did.  

I contacted chat.  Chat support agent said there is no way to do this that I am not eligbiel for upgrade.  OK, so I decided to call.  

Well when I called in, the next agent told me that I am not eligible for upgrade (I knew that) and I would have to wait.  When I told him what I had been told the night before, he stated that there is no way to do that.  I reiterated that I had been told they were going to do it for me, the night before.  He stated that there just is no way to do that.  I asked for a manager.

Manager comes on the line.  I explain the situation to him.  He states that there is no way to do it.  He said there must have been some miscommunication.  I said, no, this is what I was told.  He said, I am going to do this for you but remember this is a one time shot.  I told him I understand.  He asked which phone I wanted and I told him S5.  That was fine and then he quoted me the price.  I told him the phone was supposed to be on sale for 50% off.  He said that this was internet only even though this is being splashed all over every verizon TV commercial I have seen.  I agreed to this.  I also opted to pay for overnight priority shipping.

When we discussed shipping, I made it clear that I need to have the phone shipped to my work address.  He said "no problem and took the address".  When I got the shipment notification, it was going to my home.  I called in immediately and the girl tried to contact fed ex, but they were closed.  

I hopped on chat the next morning and asked to have this re-routed.  They said I would need to contact fed ex myself.  I know that is not true, so I called customer service.  The nice guy there was able to get the shipment, rerouted to me, supposedly.  We will see what happens.  So to sum it up:

First phone support agent must have promised something she couldn't do.

I only wanted to know my ETF's so I could switch due to this piece of junk phone

Chat support is absolutely useless

Phone support agent incenuated that I am a liar.

Supervisor, I still believe lied about the pricing.  

Supervisor didn't listen to shipping address and cost me a ton of time trying to get the phone routed to the right address

I am still thinking about taking my money to t-mobile while they are paying ETF's.  

I couldn't believe this service and for the money I pay, I expect to be treated appropriately.  I will not call back in.  The next issue I have is going to result in my movement to another carrier, regardless of ETF's. I am still looking for a way to contact corporate with this. 

Re: Customer Service Flubs up and Useless
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