Customer Support for service problems

Verizon should be embarrassed of their customer support.  It has to be the absolute worst of 99.9% of all companies.  I had a simple landline issue to report and had to go through a very lengthy menu for the automated phone customer service number.  If Verizon is not intelligent enough to improve upon this service, they are not suited for anything more than being a Wal-Mart Greeters.  I believe this to be intentional (which makes it more disgusting) because your web site goes to great lengths to make sure someone cannot complain to customer servcice. 

Please make a simpler method to call and report a problem concerning landline problems.  And if you think it is acceptable to say someone has to be home from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM to wait for the technician, you are horribly wrong.

Re: Customer Support for service problems
Customer Service Rep


Sorry for the delayed response.  Are you still having issues with your landline?  If so, can you send us a private message so we can look in to your account please?