DO NOT Get The Service With This Company IF You Want to Receive a Good Customer Service

It is really a pain, dissatisfaction, and a lot more when you have Verizon as your service provider. I have been having service for my cellphones with Verizon for over 3 years, and did not have any major problems, so when I moved to my new place I thought it’s better to get the Fios, and have one bill for my all Verizon services. I went online and started to order my products online. During ordering, the chat session opened and I started chatting with the Customer Service Rep in order to get help through the process. When we were in the step that I could order the home phone plan, I saw the International World Plan, and I asked the lady to give me some information about this plan. I asked her that I want to call to my country and I mentioned my country’s name to her as well. I asked her that if this service is available for my country, and she said “Yes” you can call to over 100 countries with this service and she encouraged me to get the 300 minutes service. Since the plan sounded good to me I decided to get the 500 minutes instead of 300 min, and after I ordered my plan, I started calling overseas, and happy that I am paying less than the Phone cards with this plan. On March 26 I received my bill, and saw that Verizon charged me 142 $ for the less than 200 minutes that I called to my country, and there was a Letter “N” in front of each phone calls. I checked the guide to see what does “N” mean, and I saw that it said N means “Denoted calls are NOT listed in World Plan”. Well, thanks to the lady who gave me the wrong information while I was ordering my plan online, but she or the Verizon company is not that much lucky because I printed my chat session the day I ordered my plan since I wanted to have the information of what I actually had ordered. That time I did not think that I may get in trouble like this. Since March 27th, I have been calling Verizon every other day, and I have explained my issue to more than 10 Customer Service Reps, and each of them asked me to fax my chat session to them. I have been faxing that to all the numbers that they gave me, and I am keep faxing them, but do not get any respond. One of the Verizon’s Supervisors, whose name is Mark, called twice on my home phone number during the daytime, around 3 pm, and he left massages. On his second massage, he said that he checked the plan and my country is not listed in the International World Plan. He just said this, and he said that he was going to call me back, but never happened. He also did not leave me any phone number that I could call back. Also, since my cellphones are listed in the same bill as my other products, he could easily see the other numbers that he could call and reach me, but he did not bother himself to do so. I have even changed my home voice mail greeting addressing to Verizon, and left my cellphone number in voice mail greeting. I am so sorry that I have to say this, but this seems a definite fraud to me. I did not know about this plan, and I asked the Customer Service Rep to help me. She was responsible to check my country, or at least let me know how I could find out about the coverage. This is ridiculous, and if Verizon cannot take over this problem, my lawyer will take the action over, and takes the issue to their corporate court. I am not going to give up about this, and I decide to give Verizon about a week or so to solve this issue, but I won’t wait more than that. Just a friendly advice to people who want to get the home service through Verizon: DO NOT Get The Service With This Company IF You Want to Receive a Good Customer Service. There is nothing about taking care of customer in this company, and you are going to be stuck with what you get.      

Re: DO NOT Get The Service With This Company IF You Want to Receive a Good Customer Service
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