Damage to Lawn during Home Phone Repair - Verizon giving us Runaround
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On December 23, 2022 a car hit the telephone pole knocking out our home phone service.  Verizon came out and repaired the line that day.  I told a Verizon worker to watch out and not drive over the lawn.  It had been raining a few days and the lawn was water-logged and soft.  The worker blew me off.

There were multiple trucks on-site and when one of the trucks left, he backed up right onto my lawn leaving very deep ruts.  I complained to another worker who was still there and his response was "It wasn't me, it was the other guy who ran over your lawn." and he just shrugged his shoulders.  I asked him to call his supervisor to report that damage was done to my property since this worker witnessed it, but he just turned his back on me and ignored the me.  It is going to take a lot of dirt to fill up the deep grooves and grass seeds to fix it.

I called the 1-800 verizon line and was told only the site supervisor in charge of that repair job could handle the damage and I have to negotiate with him to get a resolution.  Was told he will reach out to me.  Day's went by and I had not hear from him so I called again and was told, only the supervisor can resolve the issue.  Again and again I called and was told the same thing.  Only the site supervisor can resolve my damage lawn.  It's been 21 days so far and I have not heard anything.  Apparently when I asked to speak with someone else, I was old that was impossible and only the site supervisor can resolve the issue and I have to negotiate with  him.  I was told by customer service that he is to assess the damage and I am to get reimbursed so I can hire a landscaper to fix it.  Verizon should deal with the landscapers to fix, but I have to deal with it.  

Attached are some photos of the damage with the Verizon trucks.  You can see the lawn with no damage with the trucks and afterward with the damage.  

No damage as they started workNo damage as they started workSecond truck backed up onto lawn to reposition trucksSecond truck backed up onto lawn to reposition trucksDeep grooves in lawnDeep grooves in lawnDeep grooves making it impossible to cut lawn in summerDeep grooves making it impossible to cut lawn in summer


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Hi SunsetNJ,

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