Details of how 2 phone lines work with FIOS
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I would like to hear from anyone who actually has 2 or more phone lines (FIOS) in their home

1. If you're on phone #1 and someone is trying to reach you on phoneline #2 , what are your options ?

2. Do you have 1 voicemail system for both phonelines ?

3. Do you get charged separately for long distance on your second phoneline ?

Re: Details of how 2 phone lines work with FIOS
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I have 2 Fios phone lines. They work independently from one another. You would need to have seperate phones or a two line phone. One would only forward to the other if you set that up in the settings.  A second phone line with Fios is 9.99 per month and includes unlimited domestic minutes and long distance. Each line has its own voicemail.