Digital Voice Phonebook Syncronization

I have downloaded and installed the Digital Voice Phonebook syncronization tool.  I have attempted to use IE 8.0 + the syncronization tool to syncronize with MS Outlook 2007.  Every time I try I get the error "No applications configured for syncronization."  What gives? 

Can verizon not just implement the same tools they have within webmail that allows phonebook/contacts syncronization with other webmail sites?  My gmail account is sync'ed to Outlook so I can get the data either way.  I would even accept implementing importing .CSV files rather than a cumbersome app that has to be installed and certainly never works. Both Outlook and other programs can export them and so can gmail.  Verizon you have tools that will work, please just port them over to Digital Voice.

Re: Digital Voice Phonebook Synchronization
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Hi Aguillory,

Unfortunately right now the Digital Voice Phonebook tool is not compatible with Outlook 2007.  There is currently no time table for when it will be compatible with Outlook 2007.  However if you would like to share you ideas on how to make this feature better, please visit our Idea Exchange.

Re: Digital Voice Phonebook Syncronization
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I'm trying to sync with outlook 2003, but it keeps crashing when I click setup.