Digital Voice: Problem with Incoming Call Block Feature

I switched from Freedom Essentials to Digital Voice a few weeks ago, same phone number, same sound quality, etc, so I have no problem with the service itself. It offers some additional features, and I am having trouble with Incoming Call Block, and am wondering if anybody else has experienced this or has any suggestions.

1) We have been plagued recently with "unavailable" calls, so I turned on the Block All Anonymous Calls option. And it seemed to work, we didn't get any of those for a while.

2) But then my wife complained that we were still getting calls, mostly from local numbers, from identified companies that we had no wish to do business with. So I turned on the Use Blocked Callers List and blocked some numbers.

3) When I went to save the settings the system said I could not have both options (block anonymous and use the caller list) specified at the same time. So I decided to go with the caller list, and from what we can tell that worked.

4) Yesterday I happened to check the settings, and now both were turned (I did not do that). I unset and reset them again just to make sure all was ok, and now the system accepts both settings concurrently (from both My Verizon and the STB).

5) But even with the anonymous block now set, we are getting those calls coming through again.

So to my questions: are we supposed to be able to block both kinds of calls concurrently, and with both specified why am I still getting unavailable calls? Anybody have any ideas why and suggestions to fix?

Thanks for any info.

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Re: Digital Voice: Problem with Incoming Call Block Feature
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Hi Justin,

We tested this feature on our end and both of them are on and we did not receive the error. It may just been an error for you initially, however it still was set when you checked both features again.

In reference to the block call list how many numbers do you have? There are only 10 numbers that can be blocked using the list feature.

What type of numbers are still coming in?

For further assistance I've sent you a PM.

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Re: Digital Voice: Problem with Incoming Call Block Feature

It is just about a month , I am trying to block incoming call. I could not see any tips how to do it.

I talk to the representative gave me the tips  www.\fiosvoice\userguide.

I did not find it. It must be integreted with the account as in comcast and a very easy way to handle it.

as per the web site comment , only ten numbers are blocked it should be over 50.

Re: Digital Voice: Problem with Incoming Call Block Feature

I activated this feature, and entered 2 numbers to block. We are still receiving calls from 1 of the blocked numbers. I then tried to enter that number directly from the "received calls" list, and got a note confirming that this number was already blocked. Why does incoming call block not work?