Digital Voice Suddenly Not Working
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I recently moved into a new home and had FiOS installed. Everything worked well for about a month, but then my landline seemed to stop functioning. I can't get a dial tone on either of the phones I've tried (they'll display "No Line" or occasionally a "Line Busy" message when I do so). I *can* get a dial tone and make calls at the ONT test jack.

I made an appointment for a tech to come out today, and he told me that that everything was working fine--that things just sometimes mess up and that humidity can be hard on wiring in old homes. He successfully called the landline on his Blackberry from the basement, so I assumed everything was good, but, not five minutes after he left, I was back to having the same issues.

Any ideas? Smiley Sad

Re: Digital Voice Suddenly Not Working
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There is nothing wrong with your FIOS service, this is an inside wiring issue. If its not working in your phone and it works at the test jack then this proves that. The test jacks simply bypass your homes inside wiring. Somewhere in the home you have an exposed wired or some other wiring issue. Anyone can correct this, not just Verizon. Should you want Verizon to take a look at the wiring, please reply back.