Digital Voice Web Page - Can't log in
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I need some help or advice - I'm trying to log into the Digital Voice web page so I can enter phone numbers into the directory. The first day I got digital voice all was fine. Now, I can't log in. I use the user name/password I used the first time and it says to use my verizon e-mail/password. I've tried every verizon e-mail/password I have and it either gives me the same message, or it tells me to use the user name/password I used when I originally signed up.

I've changed my password repeatedly and used it the new ones - same messages.

I can get into the My Verizon page but the only things I can access to "manage" are my internet and TV, nothing I can find for digital voice.

Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can log into digital voice?


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I suggest you call Verizon Support at 888-553-1555 and have them assist you.  If you cannot access your voice web page from the VZ web site (not the digital voice page) then they would be best suited to assist.