Digital Voice in Rhode Island

I called support yesterday about the ability to use call blocking on my land line, a very useful feature that I had with Cox called Cox Phone tools.  I was advised that my area (assuming all of Rhode Island?) did not offer Digital Voice which includes the feature to identify and block incoming calls.  

My questions are, why isn't this feature available and will it become available at some point in the near future.  Very disappointed and surprised that Verizon does not offer this feature.

As a side note, when I signed up with Verizon about a year ago I asked about this feature and was told that it would be included in my package.

Re: Digital Voice in Rhode Island

Unfortunately I can't help you with the problem you have with Rhode Island. I'm from Michigan and I'm not familar with your state.

However if you were promised the feature when you signed up with Verizon, I would first check all invoices, including the first one you had with Verizon. If it is different than what you are normally charged, especially if it is more than what you were charged originally, call Verizon immediately.

There has to be something really wrong here.

Good luck to you!