Digital Voice -- strange problem
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Here's the situation.  It doesn't happen frequently, but it's happened twice, that we know of, in the past couple of months:

We can receive inbound calls.  Outbound calls, however, rings on the distant end but we never hear the person answer.  The distant end doesn't hear us and we can't hear them.  Problem existed on both wireless and wired phones.  The first time this happened, I called Verizon and they cleared the line, twice, with no net change.  They didn't have a clue as to why it was happening so they decided the best thing to do was to send out a technician.  Of course, no technician could come that day, so we had to schedule for the next day or so.  Later that afternoon, it then "auto-magically" fixed itself and I canceled the technician visit.

An additional problem, totally unrelated to the above:

With call waiting enabled, there have been occasions when I have called home and received a busy signal.  I would then hang up, call back and it would be forwarded to my wife's mobile phone.  We do not have call forwarding enabled.

Why would these things be happening?  Your thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated.

Re: Digital Voice -- strange problem
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Sorry about your phone troubles. I have sent you a private message on this.